About HIDC

Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center (HIDC) was co-founded by Industry and Information Technology Development Institute of Hebei Province and Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA) in 2017. It is only one provincial industrial design innovation center supervised by Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province, that is also a professional support platform and a strategic partner of Hebei provincial government to promote industrial design innovation development. Under the background of new era initiated by General Secretary Xi Jinping, HIDC takes new mission to start a new journey of industrial design innovation development in Hebei, which is to integrate global design innovation resources to develop professional, high-end, international and branding Hebei industrial design force, to promote design communication and industry interaction, design promotion and industry connection, consciousness popularization and atmosphere building, design carrier and achievement transformation, and creates a new mode and a new operation type of industry transformation upgrading development to realize transformation from “Made in Hebei” to “Created by Hebei”, transformation from “Hebei speed” to “Hebei quality” and transformation from “Heibei product” to “Hebei brand”.

1.Position: The engine to promote industrial design development of Hebei

HIDC contributes to Hebei to issue specific policy for industrial design, makes precision layout and obtains a unprecedented special supported fund of RMB 500 million. In June 2017, Shirley Feng who is director general of HIDC and Shenzhen design innovation team to visit Hebei for research and exchange, reaching a deep design and innovation strategic cooperation between Hebei and Shenzhen. The development ways of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading were put forward by using industrial design, which praised by provincial leaders of Hebei. Governor leaders hosted and held special policy discussion on the development of industrial design industry, guiding and modifying the content of policy. Under the painstaking guidance and promotion of Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province, provincial government promulgated the “Several Policies and Measures on Supporting the Development of Industrial Designs” before 19th CPC National Congress with instructions led by provincial governors and at the initial stage, no less than 500 million yuan of special funds was invested to support industry development, providing strong support for design innovation and industrial transformation, upgrading, and integration development.

HIDC integrates global top design resources to drive the construction of municipal common industrial design innovation center in the whole province from point to area, building industrial design development supporting system with high standards in the whole province. HIDC also has an international strategy advisory committee that gathers the top experts in the international design field, which provides strategic direction for the Hebei industrial design exhibition; the international design co-working space includes more than 20 world-renowned design agencies to boost top-level design of industry connection; new material laboratory, high-precision 3D printing center, Fab lab, human factors assessment laboratory and other supporting platforms are set to support innovation and creation of manufacturing enterprises and entrepreneurial team. When the center was at construction stage in 2007, Xiongan office was established to create“Four One projections”about Xiongan industrial design, creating the international, specialized, diversified and high-end atmosphere of Xiongan New Area and introducing industrial design into high-end and high-tech industries to enhance the international influence of Hebei design; Shirley Feng, the director of HIDC, led the team to plan and formulate standards for the construction of each municipal-level industrial design innovation center, and inspected settle selection of municipal-level industrial design innovation center on site,such as Qinhuangdao, Handan, Xingtai, Cangzhou, Baoding and so on, and discussed the construction direction for many times, the purposes are to promote coordinated development of industrial design resources and elements in the whole province, to improve level, to explore Hebei Mode and to create Hebei Standards.

2.Mission: Converge Power of Design Promote Transformation of Industry

HIDC drives industrial transformation by design, injects international innovative design power, and focuses on competitiveness and influence of the featured industries. HIDC integrates global design resources, engineering lab, prototype making, Human Factors & Ergonomics, demonstration and release and design fund, provides top-level design, design consultant, technique support, brand promotion, policy advocacy, industry connection, activity communication, exhibition display, resource allocation and other one-stop comprehensive services, focus on Hebei’s traditional advantageous industries to promote transformation and upgrade of manufacturing industry with industrial design. Since establishment in 2017, HIDC has designed two major brand activities: design lecture and “design×manufacture” industry matchmaking conference, introducing international excellent design innovation institutions and organizing global design elites from Shenzhen, Beijing, Sweden and Italy to make lecture in Shijiazhuang, Gaocheng, Hengshui, Luquan, Cangzhou, Handan, Julu and other cities or counties of Hebei to share and promote advanced design ideas and to simulate industrial design market and create development atmosphere. HIDC also researches and investigates the enterprises on site, learning transformation and upgrade demands from the enterprises accurately, inspiring market vitality and penetration of industrial design, creating a good atmosphere of cognitive design that is to respect design and enjoying good atmosphere of design design. Since June 28, 2017, HIDC and design teams led by HIDC have been invited to research and investigate local industrial cluster, parks, key enterprises in the each city and county of Hebei, providing advice for transformation and upgrade direction of characteristic industries, such as bags from Baoding Baigou, cashmere from Qinghe, glass from Hejian, grapes from Qinhuangdao, subsidiarity agricultural products from Handan, musical instrument from Hengshui, homespun from Zanhuang Yuancun, manchurian embroidery from Chengdu and so on, and the purpose is to boost to create a number of well-known industrial cluster brands at home and aboard and construct Hebei regional brand ecological system.

3.Future: Create global design community

HIDC will closely catch the major opportunities of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and planning and construction of Xiongan New Area with high standards, following “Six One Project”: “One Week, One Competition, One City, One Center, One Fund, One Research Institution” and building a global design community of “Industry - University - Research - Capital - Application”. By carrying out DESIGN+ development strategies including design plus science, design plus brand, design plus finance, design plus fashion, HIDC will focus on new models, new operation types, new techniques and new materials in the field of global design innovation. A design industrial chain which regards product innovation as the core will be built to provide a sharing design ecology for global designers, manufacturing agencies, entrepreneurial team and innovative team, thus to comprehensively promote the industrial supply-side structural reform in Hebei Province, and to create an international design center based in Hebei, serving Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, radiating the whole country and facing to the world.

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