Fab Factory

Fab Factory is a novel experiment initiated by the Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - a small factory that can produce almost any products and tools, and it is also an internationalnon-profit organization that provides numerous manufacturing tools for invention and provides regional LAB operation and assistance in education, technology, financeand logistics. Currently, there are over 2,000 Fab Labs in more than 50 countries around the world.

Fab Lab Space Construction
Functions in different areas

Digital Manufacturing Equipment Area - 3D printer, 3D scanning, laser cutting machine, small digital machine tool CNC, large digital machine tool CNC, digital cutting plotter, etc.

Electronic Equipment Area

Software and Design Workspace

Manual Tool Area

Open Source Hardware Kit
Software Development Workstation
3D Printer
Fab Academy Course Training

The Fab Academy course is managed by Neil Gershenfeld of the MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, and it is a digital manufacturing project that is based on the MIT’s rapid prototyping and development course MAS 863: How to Make Almost Anything (HTMAA). The Fab Lab course was originally a promotion project of the Center for Bits and Atoms and has been spread to Fab Labs around the world. The project provides students with advanced digital manufacturing guidance through a unique hands-on course that utilizes technical tools and resources.

In order to meet the requirements of domestic makers,Fab Lab combines its own advantages and is committed to the localization and sinicization of Fab Lab system interface and Fab Lab course. This means that you do not need to worry about youare poor in English and background, and you can learn Fab Academy course that is synchronized with the world.

HTMAA Course Outline
Inventions, Intellectual property rights and Benefits
Interface and Application Programming
Network and Communication
Composite Materials
Output Devices
Input Devices
Machine Design
Mechanical Design
Embedded Programming
Computer Controlled Processing
Electronic Design
3D Scanning and Printing
Circuit Board Manufacturing
Computer Aided Design
Computer Controlled Cutting
Project Management
In short, you will learn:

How to use Fab Lab's rapid prototyping of digital manufacturing tools;

Electronic design and production through the production of circuit boards using various sensors and output devices;

How to program AVR microcontrollers on their own board;

Forming and casting;

3D scanning and printing knowledge and skills.

Collaborative Service of Industrial Chain >

Makers here can find a full range of electronic components, various types of processing plants and technical engineering personnel, and quickly complete the entire process from the creative to the prototype and then to the small batch of production. The industrial chain includes hardware suppliers, makers, makerspace, open source platforms, hardware accelerators, incubators, crowdfunding platforms and supply chain management platforms.

Crowdfunding Platform Service

For the international marketing confusion of domestic and international individual makers, start-up teams and SMEs in the field of intelligent hardware, we provide professional international promotion service for project marketing, from project pre-assessment, market research, to project promotion crowdfunding service and even follow-up project production and sales to maximize the project to raise start-up capital. Potential users and media influence are built to create pre-heating for the launch of new products, and ultimately to achieve rapid product circulation and capitalization.

Linking local manufacturing companies

Fab Lab serves as a window for international makers and experts, focusing on new technologies and new models for creating future customers. Together with the local advanced manufacturing and processing company partners to assist the Maker team, Fab Lab can achieve full industrial chain works such as processing and manufacturing in a world-class factory.

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