High Precision 3D Printing Center
You design, and 3D printing is responsible for the rest of the work!

The center combines the industrial conditions of Hebei Province and the development needs of the company. It introduces nine high-performance SLA laser 3D printers developed by Jiangsu Rich-Opto Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, it introduces secondary curing machines, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and other advanced equipment as well as establishes a full system 3D printing mold production engineering practice center. It can provide mold production service of conceptual products for innovative and entrepreneurial teams, design teams, and R&D departments of manufacturing products, which can enable rapidly iterative product development and reduce multiple overheads such as assembly, warehousing and sale channels as well as enable complex prototype design that traditional manufacturing models cannot accomplish.

RC1801SLA laser 3D printer

Based on the company's professional 3D printing technology and application experience, Ruichen independently developed the RC1801 SLA laser 3D printer. The accuracy of printing and stability of the equipment all meet the industrial-grade standards, and the forming size is far beyond that of similar products. It can meet the customer’s needs of high precision.

The characteristics of the equipment >

Industrial-grade 3D printers, laser light system adopts an integrated closed modular design, anti-dust, heat dissipation quickly.

The German imported laser galvanometer scanning system has the advantages of high speed, high accuracy, good stability and long-time printing accuracy.

Imported modular 405nm laser has long service life, excellent laser spot quality and more stable light outputefficiency.

0.03mm focused high quality spot ensures high standard print accuracy.

Imported linear guides, servo motor to greatly enhance the layer thickness positioning accuracy and quality ofdemolding.

7-inch high-definition touch screen to achieve the perfect offline operation, the operation is simpler.

170mm × 170mm × 170mm print size, significantly increasing production efficiency.

WIFI, USB file transfer function, convenient and quick.

Software system >

The slicing software realizes model adding, and it can copy and delete; The software adds the support automatically, and the parameter is adjustable; The software realizes the automatic slicing and the slice is accurate.

The control software implements automatic scanning and path planning, which can realize progress display of real-time print, preview of print modeland elevation observation and continuous printing in the printing process.

Application Areas >
Industrial Design Area

SLA 3D printing is the earliest commercialization and the most mature 3D printing technology. As the technology has high printing precision, high speed, and easy operation, it can perfectly meet the rigorous requirements of R&D design stage. Compared with traditional design methods, SLA 3D printing can greatly save R&D costs, improve R&D efficiencyand provide inspiration for design. The idea was quickly transformed intoproducts that were introduced to the market and favored by designers. Additionally, it plays an extremely important role in the development of new products in industrial design.

Jewelry field

“Design” is the “soul” of jewelry. In the trend of modern jewelry design continues to break the traditional shackles, 3D printing technology, with its rapid prototyping technology, is being used by more and more businesses. Many businesses make casting molds with 3D printing technology, which also solves a lot of production problems that are too complicated for showing the purpose of designquickly and accurately. It brings a new vitality to the jewelry design, and provides consumers with high-quality, personalized demands that can not be ignored.

Cultural and artistic fields

As a new means of building a bridge between dream and reality, 3D printing technology, the sparking of the stars 30 years ago, has been driven by the thought of “mandatory innovation”in recent years. 3D printing technology brings an unprecedented technological revolution to cultural and arts workers, which reduces the complexity of traditional work procedures and significantly reduces labor and time costs. In fact, it uses a combination of hardware and software of Rich-Opto 3D printing technology. With a computer and a high-precision Rich-Opto 3D printer, a designer can complete many tasks. After the virtual model generated in the computer, the designer can print out the required solid model through Rich-Opto.

Medical dental field

The digital dental technology for 3D printing is mainly used by CAD/CAM equipment and printing materials in dental restorations, and provides a complete set of digital restoration solutions, bringing digital and automated production methods to the stage of dental restoration design and production. Through 3D scanning, CAD/CAM design, and 3D printing, dental laboratories can accurately, quickly, and efficiently produce crowns, bridges, plaster casts, and implant guides. At present, the design and production of dental prostheses is still mainly manual in clinical practice, and the efficiency is low. The digital dental efficiency of 3D printing is extremely fast, and tens of thousands of patients are able to achieve quick and accurate customized services and have a broader development. space.

Research and education fields

The research and education industry is a traditional market for 3D printing. More and more institutions set up 3D printing teaching labs to meet scientific research and teaching purposes. However, SLA equipment has not been popularized because of high prices and usage costs. Institutions can only use basic FDM printers for simple teaching and research and development tasks, but because industries such as industrial design, jewelry processing, medical products, etc. only use SLA technology as the only practical 3D printing technology, the teaching of SLA is popularized. It is imminent. With the cost-effective Rich-Opto printer entering the market, its excellent printing effects and more high-end laser molding concepts are increasingly valued by institutions, and researchers can use Rich-Opto to perform complex high-standard experiments.




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