Venue Reservation

HIDC are located on the 19th to 21st floors of Building 2, Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Center with a total area of 6,690 square meters. At present, we provide design release hall, design research room and design pitching hall to meet the demands of media meetings, sessions, salons, lectures, regular meetings and book sales and other activities.

Contacts:Misa        Tel: 15986674478            E-mail: 1246312990@qq.com


Design Release Hall

With 11 meters high, the hall is configured with screen projectors and other equipment

Design Research Room

The area is 108 square meter, can accommodate about 30 people and is configured with tables, seats, intelligent meeting panels, etc.

Design Lecture Hall

The area is 129.6 square meters, can accommodate about 54 people, and is configured with seats, large screens and other equipment

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