New Materials Lab
Gather cutting-edge materials to show forward-looking trends

Neuni Group

Established in Hongkong in 2013, Neuni Group has eight offices and its headquarters is located in Shanghai. Our goal is to realize the popularization and innovation of design. Cross-border design, new materials application and new intelligent manufacturing are three core values of the group.

Neuni Form

We aim to break through traditional restrictions and achieve cross-border design innovation from architectural design, interior design, product design to graphic design.

New materials

We specialize in the application of new materials, and have the largest online and offline new materials library in the world. We will follow the three core values that are new materials, new design and new intelligent manufacturingand make Neuni innovate.

Neuni Lab

We drive the design thinking with digital manufacturing and shorten the cycle of product research and development between utilizing brain and hands as well as innovate Neuni.

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