Added Value
Joint Settlement Service

Rather than using traditional office mode, a design joint office space is set up by adopting the brand new concept “Design Innovation Community”. Well-known domestic and foreign design studios & companies are invited to settle their branches in HIDC, where it provides a free and independent space, open and recreational environment and active innovation atmosphere for enterprises, teams and individuals, and a personalized, commercialized and communalized international service system will be built.

Brand Promotion Service

HIDC will help enterprises promote their brands and present company’s product and brand concept through it’s website, WeChat, Weibo and other official media channels, thus to establish enterprise’s benchmark image in their field. Additionally, Enterprises’ excellent design products will be displayed in International Excellent Design Exhibition Area and Domestic Outstanding Industrial Design Exhibition Area as it seeks to achieve a wide range of brand promotion effect, building it a model with international brand in Hebei and even in China.

Innovative Product Incubation Service

High Precision 3D Printing Center, Fab Factory, New Material Lab, Walking Labs, Human Factors & Ergonomics Laboratory and other high-end precise international public service platforms have been set up, so as to provide the services such as prototype, mood proofing, new material innovation for the design companies and makers, hence, costs will be cut, and product innovation iteration will be accelerated, and the incubation process from 0 to 1 and from 1 to N will be ultimately realized.

Activity Organization Service

HIDC will regularly organize “Design Lectures”, “Design x Manufacture” matchmaking conferences, “Industrial Design Leadership Classes”, “Industry Cluster Tours” “Go out·Innovation Design Journeys”,”Design Workshops” and a series of design communication activities. Organizations, institutions, enterprises and colleges can make reservation through our platform.

Awards Application Consultation

HIDC provides professionally well-known domestic and foreign awards application consultation services, such as German iF Design award, Red Dot, American IDEA Design Award, Japanese G-Mark Design Award, Italian A’ Design, German Green Product Design Award, Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award and other international awards as well as Red Star Design Award, Hebei Industrial Design Award and many other domestic awards.

Policy Interpretation Service

HIDC will interpret the related industry policies and special poverty alleviation fund policies released by government, helping enterprises and institutions understand the policy guidance and fund support profoundly.

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