International Design Center

The international design center relies on domestic and foreign cooperation platforms including United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong for design industry, attracts small and medium-sized international design innovation companies, brand institutions, international cooperation projects and Sino-foreign joint venture design innovative companies, converge global design innovation resources and promote design communication and cooperation between Hebei and powerful design countries including United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Sweden by the way of design contracts, activities and communication, design training and design survey, thus to further expand international influence of designs of Hebei Province.

Based on international design matching services

Provide a bridge for manufacturing enterprises and design agencies to take part in domestic and foreign design and industry exhibition, so that the manufacturing enterprises and design agencies can learn from leading companies;

Introducing domestic and foreign design agencies and design platform to participate in industrial activities, industry visiting to promote industrial innovative project cooperation;

Explore domestic and foreign design innovation projects, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading in Hebei Province to improve influence in international market.

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