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Aitan is an innovative industrial platform operator devoting industrial grade of industries. Based on industrial design, via the global top innovative think tank in Xiongan New Area, it provides different industries with advice, accurate and reliable policy guidance and customized development solutions.

Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center

HIDC is a key provincial industrial design innovation center supported by provincial government, as the provincial professional support platform, it will make industrial design enterprises & institutions, social organizations, design institutes and related industry experts work together to promote a large-scale, professional, high-end and international development as well as provide strong support for the whole province’s industrial transformation, upgrading, innovation and development.

Walking Lab

Moonwk Culture Technology Co., Ltd is established in Shenzhen, and is a high tech company targeting at walking experience. Moonwk creates closed loop ecosystem chain model with technology innovation, design innovation, smart manufacturing and scenario experience. Moonwk establishes walking technology research institution, which focuses on the development of intelligent production line, material technology, walking engineering data system. At the same time, by creating offline scenario experience terminal, we bridge the R&D with market to bring our product better adaption and vitality to set up an organic cycle of technology, manufacturing and business.

New Material Lab

Gather frontier materials to show forward-looking trends. New Material Laboratory includes entity experienced material exhibition area, new material experiencing interaction area, new material workshop activity area, storage area, online material building and material application research and service platform, thus to construct world-leading new material innovation and solution platform integrating online and offline, research and application service.

Cubic Design

Based on innovative design of human factor & ergonomics evaluation, all elements relating to human are integrated organically, which includes hardware, software, environment, management, operations and so on. In the design process, attention is paid to cognitive factors, especially human characteristics, which is combined with general function-oriented design methods.

High-precision 3D Printing Center

HIDC introduces advanced equipment including High-performance SLA laser 3D printer, secondary curing machine, ultrasonic cleaner with nine American and Chinese patents from Rich-Opto, building a full-system 3D printing prototype making engineering practice center.

Rone Phoenix Nest

Rone Phoenix Nest has a professional industrial design team of winning major domestic and international awards, provides product innovation industrial design services andsystem integration service based on service innovation in industrial design, including industrial design, technology integration, prototype, mold production, one-stop resource for the development of integrated services.

Fab Factory

Fab Factory takes over 2000 Fab Labs in the world as carrier and combines three function modules of latest products and research trends of Fab Lab, education course of Fab Academy and industrial chain collaboration. By developing and exploring global maker projects and products, solution is researched to connect large-scale production and ecological system, serving for small hardware entrepreneurs.

Sparrow Coffee
Design Pitching Stage
International Excellent Design Exhibition

The best designs which won German iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, American IDEA Design Award, Japan G-Mark Design Award, German Green Design Award, Italian A-DESIGN and Competition will be concentratively displayed, showing the cutting-edge trends of international design.

International Design Master Solo Exhibition

International famous design masters set up solo exhibitions with classical designs, interpreting high-standard design power by classical forever case. The purpose is to inspire young designers to remember why you started and to forge ahead, and to create classical good designs.

Domestic Outstanding Industrial Design Exhibition

It focuses on the outstanding designs from various cities in China, covering cutting-edge design fields such as intelligent hardware, wearable devices, robots, UAVs, fashion technologies and smart lives. Relying on the trend of modern industrial design innovation and change, it shows the strength and characteristics of Chinese industrial design and presents its unique oriental aesthetics. With international excellent design exhibition, both of them are glorious.

Industrial Design Centennial Development Theme Exhibition

According to timeline, the exhibition is divided into Cassical Style Area, Contemporary View Area and Future Interpretation Area. Classical Style Area-Industrial design originated in Europe, in this area, the key design from Europe and US in 20th century will be shown and the introspection from the post-war as well as the leadership of science at present will be demonstrated. Contemporary View Area- It highlights the role of China in global ecosystem. Future Interpretation Area- Future product trends will be presented, including the ecological environment interaction design, energy design, ecological environment design, a happy society design, green design, etc.

Reading Lounge
Design Research Room
Talking Park
Thinking Square
RITO Library
Joint Office

Shenzhen 21g Product Design Co., Ltd

Shenzhen OM Design Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen ZouDesign Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

C.BON Design and Consulting Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Double Ray Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yidian Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

inDare Design

inDare is a new design force with creativity and strategic thinking and devotes to product design strategic research and branding design operation. inDare has rich experience of product development and brand innovative operation, has self-R&D prospective product design ability and is good at establishing long-term and deep strategic cooperations with enterprises. 

Innozen Design

Innozen Design Co., Ltd is a team of innovative industrial design solutions, jointly established by elites of overseas designers and senior engineers. It is committed to providing high-end and high-quality product creative services, exploring the convergence and fusion of eastern and western design ideas, and providing global customers with one-stop solution for realization of creative products based on strong structure realized ability of the team and supply chain network.


Established in 1999, Rito Design is a leading innovative design group in China. It has always taken brand as core over 18 years, providing professional and imaginative brand comprehensive service with whole chain from strategy consultation, branding definition, creative design and creative asset management. Rito builds charming cities and managing a good life with the best customers in China. 

Top Design

TOPDESIGN is an innovative design company focusing on improving product competitiveness for customers. As famous brand of industrial design in China, TOPDESIGN is established in 2009, and rapidly develops a powerful integrating innovation agency from an industrial design company.

Relax Area

Shenzhen Bifoxs Industrial Co., Ltd. which belongs to Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co., Ltd.is established in 2013.After many years of development and rich design experience in many filed, Bifoxs has passed the high-tech enterpriseand get the award of Red Dot, IF and CES innovation design, it has become one supplier with international vision and innovation thought. We can provide you design integration services based on manufacture.

Shengzhi Design

Shengzhi, an industrial design company in Shijiazhuang of Hebei province, is constituted by a professional design team who won many awards at home and abroad. It is the first design company returning from Beijing to Shijiazhuang. More than 60 enterprises had successful collaborations with Shengzhi in the past 2 years, including CASC, CETC, Germany Carcoustics automotive parts company, 360, YaTai heavy industry machinery co., LTD,etc.. All these collaborations include more than 100 programes which involve many kinds of productions, ranging from consumer electronics, intelligent hardware, medical equipment to cultural creative products, handheld devices and mechanical equipment. Shengzhi has won more than 20 awards in the past 2 years, becoming the most awarded enterprise in the Hebei Industrial Design Competitions.

Creative Capital

Creative Capital is the first international consulting and management company in mainland of China to win the Tranform Award. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has offices in New York, Shenzhen, Paris and Jakarta. Its bussiness ranges from brand remodeling, brand building to Brand Experience & Strategy, and it is an expert in all-round activation of the brand.

Swedish Design House

Swedish design house is all-round and high-level design service platform serving for China, belonging to Hong Kong Unknown Design Co., Ltd as a branch of Swedish Unknown Design Firm. The establishment of the platform is supported by Swedish Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Industry, and Swedish leading firms in each design industry field take part in the Swedish design house as members to participate in design projects, thus to become a general representative of Swedish or even Northern European design industry. Swedish design house aims at introducing design styles, concepts, ideas, techniques and standards of Northern Europe to China and surrounding areas, enhancing design culture communication between China and Sweden, and guiding Chinese enterprises to expand international market with high-end international design.

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