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Moonwk Culture Technology Co. LTD was established in Shen Zhen, and is a high-tech company targeting at perfect walking experience. Moonwk creates closed loop ecosystem chain model with technology innovation, design innovation, smart manufacturing and scenario experience. Moonwk establishes walking technology research institution, which focuses on the development of intelligent production line, material technology, research and development of walking engineering data system. We build smart factory to increase production efficiency and decrease manual intervention, which lessens cost with remained high quality. At the same time, by creating offline scenario experience terminal, we bridge the R&D with market to bring our product better adaptation and vitality to set up an organic cycle of technology, manufacturing and business.

A pair of shoes are made of high elastic filaments into a shoe. With 3D Package structure design, the perfect combination of texture and foot structure is realized. It not only enhances its comfortable degree, but also creates new products, makingperfection connection between design and product, and a quick response from the drawings to the product is realized.

The sole of the shoes use Moonwk's super elastic air glue material and muti-dimensionsinjection molding to meet the harsh requirements of design. In addition, the characteristics of high elasticity have extremely reached combined with the wear resistant properties of the mixed formula. Through perfect combination of technology and art, the product for this age is created.

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