Industrial Design Center of Shijiazhuang Shuying Instruments Co., Ltd.

No. A72, Optics Valley Science Park, No. 99 Yuyuan Road, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China

This product is a frequency domain measurement instrument with high precision, high stability, high reliability, muti-functions and high integration. It can be used in communications, radar, navigation, spectrum management, signal monitoring, information security and other fields.

The panel key area can be freely changed, and the number of key parts can be adjusted, which is the first in the domestic universal measuring instruments.The product has obtained the appearance patent, and obtained the gold medal of product group of the first industrial designof Hebei Province. The shell adopts sheet metal spray process, and the color can be replaced at will.The style of the rear panel is the same as the style of the front panel with smooth and concise lines and modern aesthetics.

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