“Yanzhao Culture Series” tea table is created by Yiduo to promote the ancient customs ofYanzhao, wherein “Zhongshan Kingdom Culture Tea Table - Zhongshan History” is one of works of“Yan zhao Culture”series. The product has represented Yiduo on many exhibitions and won the unanimous approval of former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Li Changchun, Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Hu Chunhua and other provincial and municipal leaders.

The overall desktop of the product is selected from the 1.8mwhole rare Wujin stone craved by hands. The product is carved with inscription with a unique imperfect and simple layout, divided into decoration area and brewing area.Put the water on the desktop to converge the water as fortune. For brewing area, Zhongshan halberd and Zhongshan ancient coin are craved to display profound historian and cultural atmosphere; hidden outfall design under stone-craved coin implies that water is flowing and the fortune is not losing, which can be said that water goes but fortune remained. The table supporting mostly uses decorations of Zhongshan Kingdom to further showing ancient culture of the work. The table top is decorated with Zhongshan king cauldron and therion with two wings ornament, perfectly explaining integrating beauty of culture of nomadic people of Zhongshan Kingdom and Huaxia culture. 

Hebei Yiduo Culture Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

Yiduo Tea Tools, No.63, Huaian Road, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang

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