Xiang Yun Ying Ri is one of flagship products of Yiduo company.Its specification is 165*75*60cm, and its overall desktop of the product is selected from the 1.8m whole rare Wujin stone craved by hands. It is made by boutique national level mahogany that is worth to be collected. The unique fan-shaped design means that the road to life is getting wider and wider, and the future is promising. The left side of the table is carved with Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Gao’s Cha Shan Poem, and the exquisite carving makes the desktop display a strong cultural atmosphere.

Rounding brewing area decorated with sun and auspicious cloud symbolizes that converge the water as fortune, experience a spell of good fortune and great business income will be endless. The decoration of tea pet of holy turtle praying the Buddha implies that the holy turtle steps on the auspicious cloud to pray that the Buddha can give relief and help all mortal beings, improving Zen of the overall tea table and giving dynamic feeling. The hidden outfall ensures the overall beauty of the product.

Hebei Yiduo Culture Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

Yiduo Tea Tools, No.63, Huaian Road, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang





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