The product is an automatic binders having independent patent with innovative structure design, which is applied for binding of financial documents, receipts and drawings of government, enterprises and institutions.

The product adopts touch buttons, laser positioning, automatic punching/pressure riveting and easy operation, which saves time and labor; it uses intelligent management, which can not only make holes but also bind holes; its unique cam transmission structure with higher efficiency, smaller size, and longer life than traditional structures; automatic thermostatic system to ensure the safety of operators; and it has design patent of appearance, adopting armor-styled protective cover and workstation hiding toll room. The whole machine adopts low noise design, making the working noise as low as 60 decibels or less, and it uses internal chip removal system, so that there is no dust and no paper scrap and it is more healthy and environmental protection.

Hebei Huijin Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

No. 209 Xiangjiang Road, High-tech zone, Shijiazhuang

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