Heavy tactical bulletproof helmet is designed and manufactured for commando and other persons who need high-performance protection. The front end of the helmet is a base for night vision apparatus, which can be loaded on a night vision apparatus; both sides of the rail can be loaded with lighting, cameras and other equipment; and helmet Velcro tape can be pasted with designation of troops and identifying marks. The suspension system adopts a modular cushion made of waterproof memory foam. The cushion can be completely fitted to different head shapes, giving better wearing comfort and being more stable and firm.

In addition to the characteristics of the other tactical guideway, the combined integrated tactical Guide can avoid the fatal flaw in the weak bullet proof performance of screw installation of the night vision instrument base because of the use of no rivet fixed structure in the night vision instrument frame.The effective protection area of bulletproof helmets is more than 10% higher than other tactical helmets, reaching the international advanced level.

Hebei Antaifuyuan Safety Equipment Manufacturing Company

Dutong Village, Dahe Town, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang

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