A touch of blue, a period of time, pass by our ears with stories. Blue Storm blends modern elements with retro colors. The mottled texture is mixed with the yearning for people. Every sewing needle and thread by hands slowly tell a story that has been forgotten.

The first layer of vegetable tanned leather is used to create simple and simple package, The clasp is made through the process of stacking leather to create a wood-like effect with leather. Inline blue accessory lights up the entire body. After several processes, perfect dimension are realized. Aesthetic model is displayed whatever hand-held or oblique back when walking. In addition, tight stitching and classical handles add a steady elegance to it.

Shijiazhuang Herbal Heaven Cultural Accessory Co., Ltd.

Herbal heaven cultural industrial park. Southern industrial park, Shangzhuang, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang

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