The product won gold award of The 2nd Hebei Provincial Industrial Designin 2015, was granted a Chinese invention patent, and applied for patents from the European Union, the United States, Japanand other countries.

Longmen binary block brake is widely used for braking of equipment in mechanical transmissions such as cranes, overhead travelling cranes, tower cranes, and belt conveyors. Innovative development of gantry structure and complete and independent sets of two electromagnetic block brake units is used, changing the existing four-link floating structure of hub brake and single brake unit type. It improves the functional safety level of the brake, realizes on-line monitoring of braking torque, eliminates potential safety hazards in full measure and reduces brake failure probability. It is one of the key technologies to realize the unmanned operation of lifting equipment for factories, mines and ports. The design is more in line with ergonomics.

Shijiazhuang Newlun Brake Technology Co., Ltd.

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