There is an increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts. Charging needs are difficult to meet when exercising outdoors. To solve this problem, the design and development of solar power heating clothing, that is able to charge and keep warm.

The garment consists of four parts: garment body, solar power panel, battery and heating. The main body is composed of biliary surface, and the structure of vertical lapel hood is adopted. The power plate is mounted on the back and connected with the main body through the magic stick, which can convert light energy into electricity. The upper part of the power plate is made of four pieces of metal clasp, both bearing and conducting. Batteries are placed in clothing pockets. The clothing is wired to connect the power generation plate, four buttons, wires and batteries to realize energy conversion. The bladder is sewn with a heating plate, which is heated to connect the batteries, wires and heating pieces to protect against the cold. When charging, connect the battery, electric wire, need charging equipment, can complete the electronic equipment charge.

The product has a unique design concept, clean energy source, simple energy conversion and practical and reasonable features.

Jihua 3502 Clothing co., LTD

Wei Shui Town, Jingxing County, Hebei Province

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