The state's first large astronomical science vehicle, the vehicle-mounted observatory in front of the body, has the maneuverability and convenience of astronomical observation. It is equipped with a large aperture refraction astronomical telescope, and it also has the function of automatic star-finding and tracking. It can observe sunspots, lunar craters, Saturn, Jupiter and other stars, galaxies and nebulae; the vehicular astrological hall in the rear of the body underwent five mechanical deformations to complete the change from the container to the celestial hall in a relatively short period of time, forming a 7 meter diameter ball. It can receive more than 2000 people a day, and can demonstrate nearly 100 astronomical programs and ball screen movies.

The development of the product has been vigorously supported by the science and technology department of Hebei Province, and filled a blank in the field of astronomy in China.

Shijiazhuang Hongda Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Haozhuang Village, Wuji County, Shijiazhuang City

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