The overall design of the Tianshi 4-year-old Children's Formula forpackaging is simple, neat and artistic.

The packaging color design is rose gold, which fits the Tianshi 4-year-old Children's Formula of the "Queen of Hydrolysis" and gives a dignified, high-end, motherly impression. The image of a cow on the front of the package implies the selection of pasture milk, safe, natural and nutritious, and all these contribute good milk powder. The diamond-shaped design on the packaging is a symbol of vitality and protection, signifying that each child grows up healthy and strong.

The 3-14 years old is the golden period of children’s growth and development, Tianshi 4-year-old Children's Formula focuses on the children's kindergarten nutrition research, a full range of attention to the children's nutritional needs.

The proprietary Tianshi formula of 4-year-old children: small molecule protein: enhances the child's absorption power; PS (phosphatidylserine): stimulates the child's exploration power; lutein: cares for the child's visual protection power; milk mineral salts: enhances the child's bone power; patented OPO: strengthens the child's growth power. The new partner for the child's exclusive entry into the school is the Pennsy 4 children's milk powder 5 force escort, explore the new future of growth. Tianshi 4-year-old Children's Formula escorts 5 forces to explore a new future for growth, and is a new partner for children to enter the park exclusively.

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