Shijiazhuang - Policies in Developing Industrial Design

In order to fully implement the requirements of promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and deepen the structural reform of supply side, following results should be received such as further promoting the level of industrial design and making the industry enter to middle and high end as well as expanding the demand for design innovation and the market. About Some Policies and Measures in Encouraging the Development of Industrial Design(Hebei Government Number [2017] 36) issued by the People’s Government of Hebei Province and About the Arrangements for Industrial Design of 2017 issued by the Municipal Government of Shijiazhuang show, some policies and measures are made in line with Shijiazhuang’s reality.

Improve the Ability of Innovation and Development of Industrial Design

1. Support the construction of industrial design centers. As a reward, Shijiazhuang’s government will give 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan and 10 thousand yuan respectively to the national industrial design center, provincial industrial design center and municipal industrial design center that are assessed by related department.

2. It is welcome for famous designers anddesign agencies at home and abroad to setup industrial design agencies in Shijiazhuang. As a reward, 20 thousand yuan and 10 thousand yuan will be respectively given to the introduced groups that belong to a branch of famous design agencies (enterprises) and studios of famous designers and have been established for over two years (including two years) as well as serve for over ten enterprises after assessment of third party. Free office rooms will be provided for introduced branches of industrial design agencies (studios) by each county (city or district) government for no less than three years. 

3. Support enterprises in purchasing industrial design service. Enterprises can apply for a bonusforpurchasing industrial design service, and the standard of subsidy is 50 percent ofactual amount of the service contract. However, the highest is no more than 200 thousand yuan. As for the enterprises that establish stable cooperative relationship with industrial design agencies, the standard of subsidy can be improved to 300 thousand yuan. 

4. Support the transformation, application and promotion of industrial design innovation results based on new products, new technologies, new processes and new materials. As a reward, 50 percent of approved expenditures will be given to the projects that have significant effect in the transformation of industrial design innovation results, but a single project should not exceed 500 thousand yuan.

Improve the Comprehensive Service Level of Industrial Design

5. Encourage the construction of industrial design creative parks. As a reward, 1 million yuan, 500 thousand yuan and 300 thousand yuan will be given to national, provincial and municipal industrial designcreative industrial parks respectively.

6. Encourage scientific research institutions, universities, industry organizations and dominant enterprises to carry out basic, universal and prospective industrial design research. As for research and analysis projects that are commissioned by the government to industry organizations and scientific research institutions with the form of purchasing service, no more than 30 thousand yuan is granted to a single project. 


7. Support the construction of public service platform for industrial design. 50 percent of investment is given to the construction projects of public service platforms that are open, publicand professional, which include efficient and practical bases of industrial design basic data, professional knowledge, information consulting and results display, and at most 300 thousand yuan is supported.

8. Guiding the establishment of industrial design association, society, industrial alliance and other social organizations, the government should strengthen business guidance and improve the organizational structure of the association as well as establish a management and operation mechanism that is specialized and market-oriented in a bid to promote the development of industrial design industry.

Expand Communication and Cooperation about Industrial Design at Home and Abroad

9. Support Shijiazhuang’s competitive enterprises and excellent talents in participating in national and provincial industrial design training, forums, exhibitions, competitions and other activities. 100 thousand yuan is awarded to the owners of gold award of iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, Best of the Best and gold award of China Excellent Industrial Design. Moreover, 50 thousand yuan is awarded to the owners of gold award of Hebei Industrial Design (including competition) iF and other awards of Red Dot, IDEA Award and GMARK Award.

10. Support Shijiazhuang’s enterprises in actively participating in selection activities of industrial design organized by the municipal government (includingcompetition). Money from 100 thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan will be seen in the enterprises that receive awards in product category and money from 20 thousand yuan to 60 thousand yuan will be witnessed in the enterprises that receive awards in concept category. Additionally, above enterprises are given priority to the selection activities organized by governments such asnational and provincial industrial design awards.

11. Support industry associations, universities and industrial parks in industrial design community in holding various activities such as industrial design competitions, forums, exhibitions and educational training and so on. The subsidy standard of all activities shall be no more than 50 percent of approved expenditures, and the single project shall not exceed 300 thousand yuan. With the approval of the municipal government, the major exchanges in the industry can be considered one by oneand enjoy full amount of subsidies.

Strengthen Supply-Side Support of Industrial Design

12. Shijiazhuang Industrial Design Development Leading Group is set up, which is headed by mayor of Shijiazhuang and takes related deputy mayor of the city as its vice leader. Also, its members include responsible heads of the relevant department of the cityso as to overall coordinatethe development of industrial design and some major affairs. The office of the leading groupis located in Industry and Information Technology Department of Shijiazhuang, which is responsible for daily work of the leading group.

13. Special fund for the development of industrial design of Shijiazhuang is established. Shijiazhuang Municipal Finance Bureau arranges a certain amount of special fund to support the development of industrial design and implementrelevant supporting policies.

14. Implement tax incentives. As for the industrial design enterprise that is recognized as high-tech enterprise, government will levy business income tax at the rate of 15 percent. In industrial design enterprise, it is allowed to deduct the expenditure on education that is less than 8 percent of total salary from taxable income. It is exempt from added-value tax when profits are made due to industrial design enterprise offers technology transfer, design and development and related technical consultation as well as technical service. Eligible costs of industrial design made by related enterprise are executed according to pre-tax weighted deduction.

15. Reinforce the protection of intellectual property. In order to protect innovative achievements of industrial design and designers’ rights and interests, it is encouraged for enterprise and individual to apply for a patent and register a trademark as well as register copyright. Meanwhile, it is recommended to mark the name of design agencies and designers in product or package. Illegal actions that infringe intellectual property such as tort, imitation and piracy must be strictly stricken and be placed on a blacklist of social credit.

16. Every county (city or district) can formulate supporting measures in line with local realities.

The measuresare explained by Industry and Information Technology Department of Shijiazhuang, and it starts from the date of delivery and is valid for 5 years.

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