Handan-Policies to Support Industrial Design Development

In order to promote manufacturing transformation and upgrading and deepen supply-side structual reform, to future to improve industrial design level and improve middle and high-end development, policies are made according to Notification of Supporting Industrial Design Development Policies combining industrial situation of Handan.

1. Improve Industrial Design Innovation Development Ability

(1) Supporting construction of  industrial design innovation agencies. Encourage famous foreign and international design masters and well-known design agencies to set up industrial design in Handan. Well-known design institutions (company) branches and well-known design master studios that have been officially registered in the city and have been in normal operation for more than one year and are evaluated by the third party will be subsidized with 300,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan. The government from each county (city and district) and Jinan New District and Handan Economic Technology provide free office for at least 3 years for industrial design agencies (company) and the municipal department of finanace gives subsidy.

(2) Support enterprises to build industrial design center. Encourage powerful manufacturing enterprises to increase investment of industrial design, build independent industrial design agencies and improve design innovation ability. Established for more than one year, the design agencies whose design products have achieved certain economic benefits are recognized as national, provincial and municipal industrial design centers, which can be awarded 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan respectively.

(3) Support enterprises to purchase industrial design service. The enterprises that purchase industrial design service for the first time can apply subsidy. The standard is 35% of the actual amount of the service contract, and the maximum is no more than 150,000 yuan, and for a stable cooperative relationship with industrial design institutions for more than three years, the one-off award standard can be increased to 300,000 yuan.

(4) Support transformation, application and promotion of industrial design innovative achievements. If an enterprise purchases industrial design services for the second time or later, it is recognized as a project with remarkable transformation effect of industrial design innovation achievements through examination at or above the municipal level, it shall be awarded 50% of the approved expenditure expenses, and a single project shall not exceed 300,000 yuan.


2. Improve Comprehensive Service Level of Industrial Design

(1) Support construction of industrial design public service platform. Construct high-standarded Handan Industrial Design Innovation Center, Converge high-end industrial design resource, build effective and practical industrial design base basedata, professional knowledge database, information consulting database, results display database and other data platforms and provide one-stop service of top-level design, strategic consultation and design promotion. The national, provincial and municipal industrial design public service platforms are awarded 1 million yuan, 800 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan respectively.

(2) Play industrial organization role. Encourage each industry to develop research and promotion application of industrial design based on their own resources. Support each industrial organization to provide related information of industry and to undertake planning research, policy promotion, survey and forum, supplying strong support for industrial design.

(3) Encourage each county (city, district) to greatly promote industrial design based on featured industrial cluster to provide business pattern and new mode of "design+technology", "design+culture" and "design+culture", creating "design+" industrial chain. Industrial design is integrated into each part in industrial chain to improve research and promotion of design standard, rules and methods, forming a batch of regional brands with great influence.

(4) Strengthen the cultivation of industrial design talents. Encourage universities in Handan to cooperate with well-known foreign design colleges and top 10 universities in China to encourage outstanding industrial design talents at home and abroad to engage in industrial design research and teaching in Handan. Support universities and enterprises to jointly build industrial design industry training bases and order-based talent training bases, carry out on-the-job training for industrial design practitioners and give corresponding policy support.

(5) Help to establish industrial design association, academy, industrial alliance and other social organization, and enhance business guideness and improve association's organization structure to build professional and marketing management operation mechanism, promoting industrial design development.

(6) Organize industrial design competition every year to award excellent achievements of industrial design with 200,00, 100,000 and 50,000 yuan for the first prize, second prize and third prize respectively and to recommend them to participant in national and provincial industrial design awards.

3. Expand industrial design cooperation

(1) Encourage competitive enterprises and excellent talants to participant in national and provincial industrial design training, forum, exhibition, competition and other activities. If they receive iF international design golden award, the star of Red Dot and the best of best of Red Dot, they will be awarded 200,000 yuan; if they receive golden award of China Excellent Industrial Design, they will be awarded 100,000 yuan, and they who receive golden award, silver award and excellence award will be awarded 50,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan and 10.000 yuan respectively.

(2) Organize industrial competition, forum, training and learning and exhibition in various forms with at least 1 billion yuan.

(3) Encourage each county (city, district) government (Management Committee), industry associations, universities and industrial parks in industrial design community in holding various activities such as industrial design competitions, forums, exhibitions and educational training and so on. Major activities approved by the municipal government shall base on actual scale, expenditure and effects to be granted a subsidy of no more than 50 percent of approved expenditures, and the single project shall not exceed 50 thousand yuan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

4. Strengthen Development Support of Industrial Design

 (1) Handan Industrial Design Development Leading Group is set up, which is headed by mayor of Shijiazhuang. Its members include responsible heads of the relevant department of the city so as to overall coordinatethe development of industrial design and some major affairs. The office of the leading group is located in Industry and Information Technology Department of Shijiazhuang, which is responsible for daily work of the leading group. The governments (administrative committees) of counties (cities and districts) should also set up corresponding leading bodies to form a joint force for promoting the development of industrial design.

 (2) Establish special funds for municipal industrial design development. the municipal finance arranges 20 million yuan of funds each year to support industrial design development. The governments of the counties  (cities, districts) (administrative committees) shall also set up corresponding special funds for industrial design development to form a multi-level linkage support mechanism.

 (3) implement tax incentives. As for the industrial design enterprises that is recognized as high-tech enterprises, government will levy business income tax at the rate of 15%. In industrial design enterprise, it is allowed to deduct the expenditure on education that is less than 8 percent of total salary from taxable income. It is exempt from added-value tax when profits are made due to industrial design enterprise offers technology transfer, design and development and related technical consultation as well as technical service. Eligible costs of industrial design made by related enterprise are executed according to pre-tax weighted deduction within the specified time.

 (4) Reinforce the protection of intellectual property. It is encouraged for enterprises and individual to apply for a patent and register a trademark as well as register copyright. Meanwhile, it is recommended to mark the name of design agencies and designers in product or package. Illegal actions that infringe intellectual property such as tort, imitation and piracy must be placed on blacklist of social credit.

 (5)Increase propaganda. Make full use of the province’s major news media and new media to actively promote crucial decisions in industrial design arrangement, supporting policies and typical cases made by provincial party Committee and provincial government and tell Handan’s stories about design as well as create a good atmosphere for the whole society to understand, value and participate in industrial design.

The validity is for five years from the date of issuance.

The Peolple's Government of Handan


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