Design Matchmaking Conference -- Tangshan


On August 21, under the leadership of Chen Xuecui, Director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, a group of people held a "design x manufacturing" industry matchmaking meeting in Tangshan. They are: Chen Jie, Director of the Development Department of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, Feng Xiao, Co-founder of Hebei RITO Creative Body, Luo Dixi, General Manager of Xiong'an Shengbang Design Consulting Co., Ltd., Niu Yan, the general manager of Hebei Liyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. They had a close exchange with representatives of manufacturers of ceramic products, metal tools and equipment manufacturing, and went to the company for in-depth research. They provided suggestions for the transformation and upgrading of Tangshan's advantageous industries.
This industry matchmaking meeting deeply discussed the existing problems and solutions of Tangshan ceramic products, metal tools and equipment manufacturing at this stage. Industry and design are inseparable. Only by combining the two can we develop better.

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