Design Matchmaking Conference--Qinhuangdao

In the afternoon of June 14, guided by the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by the People ’s Government of Qinhuangdao City, undertaken by the Qinhuangdao City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, and co-organized by the Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association, the "Design x Manufacturing" industry was held in the Qinhuang Hall on the third floor of Lidu International Hotel in Qinhuangdao.

Hao Lixiao, Deputy Director of Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Zhao Bolin, Director of Qinhuangdao City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Li Huili, Deputy Director, Design Experts Group of HIDC, and 21 local Qinhuangdao experts from specialty food, healthcare, glass manufacturing, and automotive industry representatives from the industry and the wine industry jointly participated in the matchmaking meeting to exchange confusion about the development of the industry, and brainstormed to propose preliminary design solutions.


Traditional Food & Military Fast Food & Marine Features

How to upgrade the industry and expand the market to attract attention?

01 Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County Shuanghesheng Ecological Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. 

02 Qinhuangdao Haidongqing Food Co., Ltd. 

03 Qinhuangdao Marine Food Co., Ltd.


Design expert group points out coping strategies

For traditional pasta 

1. Divide consumer groups, target and influence surrounding cities, and establish offline stores;

2. Distinguish on product packaging, upgrade brand design, create fashionable and fast-selling new categories, and increase corporate marketing models; 

3. Bean bags and other products sell different raw materials in different seasons to express different health themes; 

4. First, develop ideas. Changing food to companionship Souvenir to form industrial ecology, opening up a raw material experience park;  Second, Relying on big data, linking the food industry to consumer groups, creating a traditional enterprise's Internet business mode; Third, establishing a food ingredient store, changing from three-dimensional to two-dimensional, and changing the food style , materials and colors to new sales.

Aiming at military industry / marine food 

1. Give full play to the combination of local culture and local sentiment, and drive the 80s and 90s generation consumer forces. Nowadays, social consumers pay more attention to health. In addition to travel friends, if you want to open up the canning market and improve the health elements of canning by craftsmanship, it is the point of dependence for increasing the later sales.

2. Retain the "Military Industry" element, convey safe and reliable information, refine product features, design cartoon character IP, easily active and not silent, enhance user stickiness; 

3. "Bei Daihe" canned brand has military industry culture and local characteristics, and refine this feature Brand characteristics, creating regional brands; 

4. Design light-cost high-value-added products, as the main product auxiliary, increase the sense of advanced experience, enhance the level in the product series planning, and stretch the brand extension.

Medical care: 

How can the health industry serving thousands of consumers promote their transformation into "beauty"?

Representative enterprise 

01 Kangzi Baide Group Co., Ltd. 

02 Xinmai Qinhuangdao Health Industry co., LTD

Design expert group points out coping strategies

Magnetic therapy & Chinese medicine field

1.The magnetic therapy industry belongs to the field of rehabilitation. Traditional Chinese medicine is also a medical field with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics. We should refine the biggest selling point of the products, carry out serialized product planning, and cooperate with the design agency in depth.

2. Integrate and upgrade traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment algorithms with technology. The application of scientific and technological sensors can also complete the diagnosis of doctors' pulse-cutting. Systematization will revolutionize the Chinese medicine industry; Combine the experience of different individuals, define the industrial design with the help of engineering mechanics; 

3. Combine magnetic therapy technology recommendations with big data to monitor the quality of people ’s nighttime sleep during daily nighttime sleep through a magnetic therapy mattress. The introduction of big data on human sleep has doubled the added value of products; 

4. For the marketing of Chinese medicine products, it is recommended that companies choose a dual product line. First, we can choose the field of family and physical therapy; second, we can improve products design, enhance medical experience of beauty, to enter the hospital market.

The whole matchmaking conference lasted for more than three hours. Representatives from Qinhuangdao Zhongkonachuan, Jingwei Stone, Express Glass, CITIC Dicastal, Liuhe Shanzhuang Wine Industry and other enterprises also introduced industrial advantages and difficulties and put forward design requirements. The design expert group give solutions for glass products, equipment manufacturing, stone processing, wine and other industries.

 It is in this relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of communication that entrepreneurs have established good relations with representatives of design institutions, exchanged business cards, met each other, and held the "design x manufacturing" industry matchmaking, which played an important role in promoting the industrial upgrading of Qinhuangdao. This design and industry "blind date meeting" was held again and again in Hebei, attracting the eyes and eyeballs of entrepreneurs in various cities. It is expected that a couple of design cooperation will be born in Qinhuangdao soon! 

The future is worth looking forward to!

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