Design Investigation---Dingzhou

On the afternoon of December 16, under the leadership of Deputy Director Yan Shi from Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, Director Meng Xiangyu from the Development Department of Dingzhou Industrial Design Innovation Center and other 6 people went to Dingzhou to carry out enterprise research activities to understand the specific development situation and design requirements of enterprises in Dingzhou. The delegation went to Hebei Shaokang Food Co., Ltd. and Hebei Jintelis Sports Facilities Co., Ltd. for in-depth field visits.


In the afternoon, the delegation first went to Shaokang Agricultural Industrial Park for in-depth research.

The person in charge of the enterprise led the delegation to visit the production line in the park, and introduced the complete set of production equipment of the enterprise and the use of the newly built workshop. According to the person in charge of the company, in the future, the park will build a modern agricultural park integrating picking, hotel accommodation, and deep processing of agricultural products to drive the economic development of surrounding villages and towns. According to the company's existing scale, sales channels and the route of focusing on selenium-enriched agricultural products, Yan Shi, deputy director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, put forward valuable opinions. To promote the sales of selenium-enriched agricultural products, two aspects should be considered. The medical efficacy of selenium triticale should be promoted to increase the added value of the product; the second is to innovate the marketing concept, make bold use of industrial design, and improve the appearance of the product.

It is reported that Hebei Shaokang Food Co., Ltd. has reached a cooperation with Hebei Quandian Design Co., Ltd. through communication with Hebei Industrial Design Center. Hebei Quandian Design Co., Ltd. will design a full range of product packaging for it to seize consumers' eyeballs and senses.

The person in charge of the company has a new understanding of the future direction of the company's development after a heated discussion and communication with the delegation.


Afterwards, the delegation visited Hebei Jintelis Sports Facilities Co., Ltd. located in Dingzhou Economic Development Zone. Dingzhou sporting goods is a key county-level characteristic industrial cluster in our province, with more than 400 enterprises and an annual output value of over 10 billion yuan. Hebei Jintelis Sports Facilities Co., Ltd., established on July 20, 2004, is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

The business scope includes sports equipment, martial arts equipment, fitness equipment, police training equipment, music equipment, art equipment, labor and technical equipment, physical fitness testing equipment (except medical equipment), teaching equipment, student desks, apartment beds, kindergarten furniture, and teaching aids for children , toys (except those prohibited by the state), plastic runways, artificial turf, stadium fences, highway fences, railway fences, etc. The products are sold all over the country, and the cooperation with the school is very close.

The delegation went to the company to view the products such as curling and ice hockey, and learn about the product performance, promotion and application in detail. The person in charge of the company introduced the health package made by Hebei Yunbo Industrial Design Co., Ltd. for the delegation in detail, including sports products such as weight scales, arm strength machines, fitness balls, fascia guns, etc. The product design is closely related to Dingzhou culture. Through the integrated design of modeling and culture, it can satisfy consumers' visual enjoyment. In addition, Jintelis will work with Hebei Quandian Design Co., Ltd. to design the corporate culture publicity exhibition hall, publicize the corporate spirit culture and development process, and create a business card for external publicity.


The delegation also instructed the person in charge of the company to aim at market demand, innovate marketing concepts, lead product upgrades with innovative designs, and continuously improve added value and profit margins. They also encouraged enterprises to make good use of the major opportunities of the Winter Olympics, develop more high-end innovative products, seize the ice and snow equipment market, and be the industry leader.

Through the visits to enterprises in Dingzhou, the delegation said that they will continue to carry out the cultivation of enterprise brands and strengthen the path of industrial design to promote development. Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center will continue to help enterprises strengthen brand building, improve their independent innovation capabilities and product economic added value. At the same time, they will give full play to the advantages of the platform, connect with excellent design institutions to provide design services for enterprises, and use industrial design to help enterprises enter the broad market. It is hoped that industrial design will help Dingzhou realize the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".

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