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On February 14, Yan Shi, Deputy Director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, Huo Zhenguo, General Manager of Hebei Top Design Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Du Tianyi, General Manager of Hebei Yunbo Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Wang Qi, General Manager of Shijiazhuang Bifoxs Design Co., Ltd, Li Menghao from development department of HIDC and other people went to TIANS to carry out design research work. The expert group participated in the industrial design matchmaking meeting to understand the specific situation and design requirements of the industrial development of TIANS.



TIANS Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as TIANS), founded in 1998, is a leading engineering technology service provider and advanced intelligent equipment manufacturer in China, which focuses on the following industries and fields: biopharmaceutical, fine chemicals, metallurgy and mining, industrial environmental protection, food, beverage, etc. TIANS is a national high-tech enterprise. Its headquarters is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, its branches are set in Shanghai and Shandong, a biomedical design and R&D center is set in Switzerland, and its business scope covers more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and Southeast Asia. 

As an early practitioner of the domestic EPC general contracting model, the TIANS Group relies on the advantages of technology and talents to create a continuous industrial chain integrating "process technology development - project design - procurement - construction management - trial production service - operation training" , and gradually formed a unique technology-led general engineering contracting model that runs through the entire process, namely the T-EPC model.


TIANS group adheres to the core values of "creating value for customers, employees, and shareholders" and the corporate culture concept of "equality, respect, trust, cooperation and sharing", leading the future with technology, driving development with innovation, accurately grasping the needs of customers. After three major transformations and upgrades, it continuously improve the quality of engineering and technology services, and continuously improve the popularity and reputation of the TIANS brand, develop and consolidate the vast pharmaceutical, environmental protection, metallurgical project construction market, so as to establish a leading position in China's pharmaceutical, environmental protection and metallurgical project construction fields.

Understand the development and design needs of TIANS industry

In the afternoon, the expert group went to TIANS to participate in the industrial design matchmaking event, to get a feel for the design of TIANS.

At the meeting, Huo Zhenguo, general manager of Top Industrial Design, Du Tianyi, general manager of Yunbo Industrial Design, and Wang Qi, general manager of Bifoxs Design were responsible for communicating with corporate representatives. The sharing of content helps enterprises to dig deep into the pain points of the industry, solve the key problems faced by enterprise development with design thinking, and help enterprises understand the important role of industrial design in industrial development.

Subsequently, Yan Shi, Deputy Director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, learned about the current development of TIANS Group, interpreted the relevant policies of Hebei Province to support the development of industrial design, and emphasized the need to strengthen the deep integration of industrial design with the pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries, and accelerate the promotion of industrial design. The linkage between design and enterprises will open up new development prospects for the pharmaceutical industry in the high-tech zone.

Zhang Xinqiao, vice president of TIANS Group, Zhao Rong, vice president, and Tian Linsheng, general manager of the intelligent manufacturing equipment division, successively expounded the design requirements of the enterprise at this stage. Relevant persons in charge of the group look forward to improving the company's own level, enhancing the competitiveness of the company's industry through this design matchmaking meeting, and continuing to inject innovative vitality into the world.

Finally, the heads of the three design agencies summarized and sorted out the design requirements put forward by TIANS Group, and conducted in-depth communication and discussion with the relevant persons in charge. We hope to take this opportunity to promote in-depth exchanges between design agencies and TIANS, reach relevant cooperation intentions, and promote the high-quality development of TIANS Group.


This matchmaking meeting fully mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprises to carry out design innovation activities, and played a positive role in helping enterprises solve problems at work and promoting enterprise brand building. While helping enterprises to strengthen brand building and enhance their independent innovation capabilities, HIDC will continue to take advantage of the platform and connect with excellent design agencies to provide design services for enterprises with design needs. It is expected that through this design matchmaking meeting, the cooperation between design agencies and TIANS Group will be further strengthened, the company's reputation will be enhanced, the road of enterprise innovation will be opened up, and the purpose of empowering enterprises with industrial design will be realized.

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