Design Investigation---Langfang

On the afternoon of March 4, an industrial design expert group consisting of Yan Shi, deputy director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, Ma Shiding, general manager of Hebei Shengzhi Industrial Design Co., Ltd., and Liu Jiaqi, deputy general manager of Hebei Rito Industrial Design Co., Ltd., visited Langfang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and conducted research on Langfang enterprises.


The expert team first visited the Langfang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and had a discussion with Gong Jincheng, a third-level researcher of the Langfang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, about the work plan of Langfang Municipal Industrial Design in 2022 and the key points of related work. Gong Jincheng said that it was necessary to rely on the Industrial Design Innovation Center and relevant platforms to guide enterprises to improve the technical level of industrial design and enhance their own capabilities.


Chapman Technology Development Co., Ltd.

After the discussion, Section Chief Zhang Zhe and Section Wu Shuaifei led a team of industrial design experts to Chapman Technology Development Co., Ltd. for investigation.

Chapman Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a modern smart door and window, smart security, smart home control system operation and high-end armored door customization company integrating R&D, display, manufacturing, sales and service. Chapman brand is committed to the system solution of the entrance door scheme, and it is a four-in-one brand that integrates the manufacture of the entrance armored door, the management of the upper and lower industrial chain, the experiment of the intelligent direction of building materials, and the promotion of the concept of life aesthetics. In the process of growth, the Chapman brand has been highly recognized by the market and the industry, and has successively won honors such as "China's Leading Brand of Doors and Windows", China's Home Furnishing "Dayan Award", and China Kapok Product Design Award.




The person in charge of the company led the delegation to visit the company's current products, and discussed the company's design needs in terms of brand optimization and other aspects. The two parties took this visit to enhance their mutual understanding and laid a good foundation for the follow-up cooperation.


Langfang Bolian Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Afterwards, the delegation visited Langfang Bolian Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Guangyang District, Langfang.

Langfang Bolian Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales and construction of monitoring and alarm equipment. The company was established in 2004, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and construction of intelligent transportation (ITS), high-definition security checkpoints, high-definition electronic police, etc. It has long been focused on the research and development and operation of power transformer security information system platforms and solutions.


After the visit, Deputy Director Yan Shi, based on the needs of building an intelligent community management platform released by Xiong'an Group at the 4th Hebei International Industrial Design Week Xiong'an Group's Special Demand Conference, made a design connection with Bolian Technology. In addition, regarding the design plan for the upgrade of the product appearance of Bolian Technology, Ma Shiding, general manager of Shengzhi Design, discussed with the relevant person in charge of Bolian Technology.



Langfang Industrial Design Innovation Center

Finally, the industrial design expert team, accompanied by Dou Guangyi, director of Langfang Industrial Design Innovation Center, and Li Juan, deputy director, investigated Langfang Industrial Design Innovation Center and Industrial Design Museum.





Through the investigation of Langfang enterprises, in terms of improving the independent innovation ability and product added value of enterprises, the enthusiasm of enterprise design innovation has been fully mobilized, and the cooperation direction of the HIDC and Langfang industrial design related work in the future has been clarified. In the future, Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center will continue to help enterprises to strengthen brand building and help Langfang build a "manufacturing city".

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